Tropical Plant Displayz in South Africa

Every event is unique with its own concept and style, we have a wide range of vases, lowers, plants, d├ęcor planters, set dressing decor elements and fabrics that our stylists work with to create detail, intrigue and make every display a visual experience. We hire a wide range and style of planters with a beautiful selection of green plants for contemporary looks, traditional settings to stylish and urban decor designs. Our displayz and plants play an integral part to best enhance and finish off your design by being the perfect space fillers at any venue and on every project.

Tropical Plant Displayz has a variety of Indoor/Outdoor plants and water features that we hire out to venues for hall dressing, exhibitors @ exhibitions, set dressing and major corporate/government events in and around Gauteng.

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Our new team of professional stylists will help you to style all your events from contempory decor settings to greenery styling. It is essential that every decor display and your living decor art are within your style, design, layout and budget.

What sets Tropical Plant Displayz apart….?

  1. We have shifted our industry to the next level using decor and living greenery in all displayz, maintaining our regarded status as industry leaders.
  2. Our prices are competitive in the market but our offering is above what any competitor can offer
  3. We have a beautiful and wide range of healthy plants & greenery
  4. We have the widest range of vases, decor elements, and standard to high gloss decor planters in the industry
  5. Our greenery and decor elements are the best space fillers to finish off any venue, exhibition stand or display
  6. We develop and train our staff in all aspects of the business from creativity to office and site management
  7. Our team has extensive years of experience from producing events, styling and the plant hire industry.